Here are some cool comic covers I scanned earlier.

Amazing Spider-Man #10 (1963) 

These are the actual scans of the comics that I own. The “C” in the right corner is used in a online comic book database. I will try to post 3 comic covers per week. 

Amazing Spider-Man #10 is an awesome comic written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko. In this issue Spider-Man fights “The Enforcers and the Big Man” and J.J. Jameson confesses why he hates Spider-Man so much. Its nice to see see guys like him speek the truth for once.

These older comic books are not particularly cheap. It depends on rarity, popularity and the overall grade/quality of the copy.

This particular comic is fairly rare, cause in the 60’s comics were not considered an collectors item and many were lost. Needless to say, the comic book is very popular, because Spider-Man is one of the three biggest heroes of all time next to Super-Man and Batman.

I would grade this copy: Fine (6.0) . It looks better in real life then on the scan, because the front cover has most flaws. Its a very clean, complete copy. The biggest flaws are the date-stamps on the cover, the vertical grease that was very common in those days(even the mailman folded the books) and the top has some tears and chips.  This  is known as “Marvel Chipping”.  This is actual caused by the dull blades of cutting-machines used at that time.

Young Allies #16 (1945)

What a cool cover, what a cool team and what a cool time for comics! This cover is so wrong in many ways, when we look back at it 75 years later…Stereotypical asians, brutal force and published  around the same time the US dropped the a-bombs on Hirosjima and Nagasaki. The Young Allies to me, looks like a really cool group of friends.  This comic cover seems to trigger a part of my brain that hosts nice memories….of innocent brutality.

The book was published by Timely Comics. This is one of the most popular publishers of the Golden Age. They published the extremely popular golden age heroes: Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Captain America.

Planet Comics #55 (1947)

Because the comic industry is mainly male-dominant I seem to have a preference for Female Comic Characters to even the balance. Fiction House is one of my favourite comic book publishers because almost all comic covers have sexy woman on them.  The style looks pulp, but is way ahead of its time. Great artists that contributed are, to name a few: Alex Schomburg, George Evans and Matt Baker.

Other comic books published by the same publisher that I have in my collection are Jungle Comics and Jumbo Comics.

Fight Comics, Ranger Comics, Wings Comics and Sheena Queen of the Jungle are also popular titles from Fiction House.